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Nexcare Acne Dots Review

Hey friends,

Here comes the first review on my blog and is about the Nexcare Acne dot which was hauled in previous post...

I had bad acne in my schooling but it is kinda ‘OK’ now although not completely free of acne. Those of u gals with pimples creeping out now and then will love these dots. 

This is what is mentioned on the pack

  • Water based material acts like a sponge to absorb oily secretions; fluid or puss 
  • Reduces hand contact and infection by acting as acne barrier
  • Waterproof yet breathable to expedite healing
Also mentioned is the clear How to Use steps


The packaging is neat and hygienic.  Once the box is opened there is a transparent cover with the dots. It can be stored after taking out one dot while the rest stays perfectly in the cover.

My take:

I get horrible breakouts on cheeks as my skin is oily and acne prone. How much ever I take care and follow the regimen at times it goes beyond the control. The only thing I look out for is the Acne dots from Nexcare. It is just a simple round sticker available in 2 sizes (3 dots in 12 mm & 4 dots in 8 mm). The size sounds funny but if you like me tired of breakouts and zits then you can very well relate to(:D)

This is how I use it; Peel either smaller or a bigger sticker and place it on the pimple. The sticker almost matches with that of my skin and is not clearly visible. (I don’t mind going out with the sticker on as it is far better for having a huge pimple also the dot prevents from further infections :P). 


Yes the acne dot reduces the swelling and absorbs the puss. I let it stay on face as long as colour changes and definitely it wouldn’t be an overnight process.  But when I remove there is no pain and the bump is greatly reduced in size with no puss. The best part is that the pimple does not get dark leaving a blemish. If it is a smaller one it cures way sooner. 

My Opinion:

I personally love the dots not only in absorbing the puss or reducing the size but also do not spread causing new ones.
But.....the dot does not vanish pimple overnight & only 7 dots in a pack(wish there were more for the price) 

Price is 49 bucks..

Will love to reply to your comments...You can give your views & opinions below and get back to check my replies:)

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