Wednesday, February 6

Winter Moisturizer for Combination / Oily Skin

Acne Moist Moisturiser:

Hey beauties,

     How you doing? Today was a hard day for me with lots of works and tensions as usual. Anyway I still have the heart to do a review on a favorite product of mine; Acne Moist.

In the previous post of my winter skin routine, the moisturizer I used is the Acne Moist.

On the Box:

Acne Moist comes in a bright orange colored box while the product is in a neat squeeze tube and this is what is written on the box “Acnemoist is a specially formulated oil free moisturiser with jojoba and Pentavitin. It provides extensive moisturizing in dry skin without making the skin look oily. It also offers sun protection. Take adequate quantity in hand and apply it on the dry areas of face liberally”.

Key Ingredients:

Jojoba 3%, Pentavitin 1%, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate 5%, MBBT 4%, Cream base

About the Moisturiser:

Acne moist is a cream base moisturizer. Surprised? Yes a “cream based” one for oily skin. It is of white color and the consistency is of semi liquid type. Application in very easy and the fragrance is so good for me but it does not linger long on the skin. A little quantity is enough to apply on the whole face (dry areas) and lasts long too.
It is not a cosmetic product but is available in medical/ pharmaceutical stores. No prescription is required to buy acne moist.

Price: Rs 125 for 30 g
 (but the tube is filled with a lot of air LOL)

My Opinion:

The Acne Moist has really helped me a lot this winter. My skin (esp cheeks) has never been so dry all these years as my skin type is oily and acne prone which turns to combination skin in harsh weather. My regular moisturizer didn't do any good for my cheeks but this has given an excellent moisturization without making my face look oily. 

The the best part of the acne moist is a cream based moisturizer gives the right moisturization with no oily look and the most important thing ‘never broke me out’; though it did not help with my existing acne but never worsened it.

In short this moisturiser suited me the best as no dry cheeks, no oily look and no acne or pimples it caused.
Acne moist is great for oily/ combination even to normal, dry skin but may not help on very dry skin.

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