Know Me!

   Hey buddies! Hope you doing good..Thanks for your visit to my blog. I am Adity doing my Mechanical Engineering and got loads of passion towards writing. Let me tell you how i ended up with my blog for all girls out there.
   I love SHOPping and you girls do too rite?

If so join me and lets explore the pleasure of beauty, fashion accessories, sandals, bags etc...

  The reason for the is that I had a tough time with my skin and hair. Yes...Acne, breakouts, oily skin during my school and college and i never completely won the battle but succeeded to some extent. So here is why i am to share my bad days and it may be of good use to some of you girls who yearns for the skin and hair you dream of which i was too. 

    I am pursuing my final year engineering and also I am working as a freelance content writer. I would love to hear from you girls so comment and be in touch with me, share your experiences, ideas and help me with my new baby(blog!!)! 


  1. me too an engineering student but in CS...:) good to see you <3

  2. hei Adity. just visited your blog.its really nice.we have many things in common. Even we have the same floor tiles and floor mat I guess. :p. do visit my blog if you wish to.lets follow each other.I have a small suggestion just make your photo quality a bit better.feel free to suggest me something.

    1. Thank you soo much.. I am glad and sure to follow each other. Yes I am planning on getting a good cam to get the photos done..:)Thank you:)

  3. Just dropped in to say HI :) and yeah good blog. Read couple of your reviews as well :)

  4. Hey Nikky, I so happy ..thank you :)


Thank you for taking your time as it means so much to me. Love you and will reply soon..:)