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Lotus Herbals Transluscent Powder SPF 15 Review

Review on Lotus herbals translucent loose powder

Hey girlies,

        Good day.. Without any blah blah i am just going to start on with a product from the brand lotus herbals. I have not used a lot of products from their brand other than a one or two, but since they are herbals without any chemicals, i am planning to try more from the brand. Leave me on the comments below some of their products that are worh giving a try.

Ok lets move on to the product review of the Transluscent loose powder auto puff SPF 15 from Lotus. Herbals.

On the pack..

Shime free, oil absorbing, enriched with corn starch, powder of rose petals and nagkesar.

Rouge Lustre
Iceburg and
Sunset beach

I bought the Sunset beach one.

What made me buy....


Auto puff

Transluscent powder (does not alter the skin tone or leave a ashy look)

SPF 15

Lotus Herbals brand made of natural ingredients

Shine free & oil free

Am I satisfied??

First of all I expected the loose powder to be easy to blend. I don't mind little shimmers here and there but the whole powder is so shimmery. Due to full of shimmers it gets stuck on face and it is very difficult to even out.

SPF factor i don't know how far it is true.

It does control shine for 3 to 4 hours max on my oily skin.

It did not break me out.

Auto puff is of no use at all. The reason i purchased it let me down.

Packaging is cute and has a mirror attached on the top.

The lid and the puff attachment do not perfect as a result powder spills off.

I got it in the shade natural blend and the shade does not matter as it is only golden shimmer powder.

What i like?

To be serious, only the mirror on the lid and nothing else.

Nothing harm it caused to my troublesome skin. (oil, acne)

Reason for dislike..

Though it is shine free, the shimmers are way too much and not at all blendable.

No use with puff.

Lots of product wastage.

Too costly

Rs 350

Before blending..                                                                                          After blending..

Under light, full shimmers even after blending..

I regret buying it and never recommend to any.

Which product you like from Lotus herbals, comment below!

Love you girls,


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  3. try alphamoist moisturizer from lotus herbals. it is meant for normat to oily skin


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