Friday, May 31

Favorite Moisturiser for Summer

Best Moisturiser for Oily Skin - Summer

Hi girls,

       Whoa Summer is almost come to an end with the cool breeze and drizzles here and there. I am loving the weather now and that too with weekends, yeah you get it!! :p

Lately I have been using lots of new products and some have turned out to be my loves. Usually I don't try too many products as my skin is not that great at accepting change and holds a red flag by horrible pimples, whiteheads and redness. But nowadays started the patch test and it helps me decide to use on my face or not.

Summer was too hot this time and with my oily acne prone skin it was a real battle to deal with oiliness and breakouts. My usual moisturizer was little too heavy for me but suits perfect for winters. When I was in search of a good, lightweight, oil free moisturiser, found the one is from Fab India ; Vitamin E Hydrating cream.

The product name convinced me as it reads Fab India Vitamin E Skin Hydrating Cream for oily skin, just the one I was looking for. In fact it is my first product from Fab India and my favorite now.


Vitamin Skin Hydrating Cream is an extremely light, moisture whipped cream loaded with age controlling cellular extracts and Vitamin E. It nourishes the skin and protects it against moisture loss.

Water, Aloe Vera Extract, Jojoba Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycerine, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Niacinamide, Imid urea, Fragrance Vitamin E Acetate.


The Hydrating Vitamin E cream comes in a tub packaging. The new ones are available in tube forms which was the one I was expecting when I ordered online. But I ended up receiving a small tub with screw type lid and a white plastic cover inside to prevent any wastage.
I am not satisfied with the tub packaging as I don't like dipping my fingers but nothing to do as I did not receive the tube one.  


The cream smells like a tonic for me like the cough syrup when I first sniffed :D. Am used to it now and fragrance does not bother me.


This Hydrating cream from Fab India is like a lotion and is water based. It is not heavy at all and is in light pink color which when applied on skin gets absorbed immediately without leaving any trace.


50 ml prices Rs 165 which is indeed costly but the tub seems to last for me well when I use it twice a day all over face.

In My View:

The Vitamin E cream is not too runny or heavy but glides perfectly on my bumpy skin. It leaves no white cast and gets absorbed leaving a mild fragrance. It does hydrate well without making my skin oily.

 My skin stays well without oil for about 5 to 6  hours in summer with just this moisturiser on my face. Most important of all it did not break me out. On the whole I am loving the hydrating cream with Vitamin E and it is the moisturizer for my oily skin in Summers.

Absorbed cream

My Likes:

  • Light and oil free
  • Hydrates well
  • Vitamin E
  • Spreads like water
  • No white cast and gets absorbed well


  • Fragrance
  • Tub Packaging
  • Price
  • Availability issues

Which is your HG moisturiser this season? Share on the comments below:)


Wednesday, May 29

Velvette Box of May

Organic Beauty Box
Hey buds,

         Velvette boxes are arriving quick from last month and as always I am really eager to receive mine. I got mine on 24th and due to my sem exams I couldn't share with you guys. 
But I still did manage to see what you all have got and I pretty much got the same products except for the different gloss shade. It does excite me to know what all have got...:)

Here is my box....

Tuesday, May 28

No more College!!

Me a Mechanical Engineer........:):):)

Hey all,

         Missed you all and my blog a lot....Sorry about that as I was held up with project, exams and usual boring stuff!! As you can make it out from my post......Yes NO MORE COLLEGE!!!! But the best part is all that is over now and I an very very glad as no more college and yeah one of my dreams come true .... I am a Mechanical Engineer now, (Adity Iyer B.E lol :P)...

(Guess I am being so kiddish...but I don't mind as this is the happiest part which I have been waiting for long) :D:D Hope some of you girls could understand my feeeeelling...:)

Anyway I have more time now to keep my new blog with constant updates and interesting stuff. One thing I never missed doing while exams is .......yeah no doubt it is Shopping (online though)  and also reading my friends blogs, tweets etc etc..

So stay in touch with me through my blog as I am planning to update as much as possible to catch up with all these days..ooooo I almost forgot......Velvette Box for the May month subscription arrived and my next post is the sneak peak of what I got. I know probably I am the last blogger to share my Velvette box with you all but still 'better late that never' :p

See you gals..soon

Friday, May 3

Summer Night Care Skin Routine

My Night Skin Care Routine - Summer

Hiiii all,

        Today's post is all about my skin care routine every night this summer. I have started using some new products that has greatly helped my oily acne prone skin during this scorching summer.

Lets begin...