Wednesday, January 30

Medplus Beauty Haul

  I am so excited today as I got my courier delivered. Yesss, it is from the online shopping site A few days back I was looking for Nexcare acne dots as I was running short of it. (yeah I do need a lot of that )
As usual I ended up getting two more products which were so adorable. (I mean the packaging!!)

Ok so this is how I got...

 Look out for my un-boxing (horrible:D) of the package above... 

The products are Nexcare acne dots, Brihans pure gel aloe vera & Lakme lip love in charmer shade

How cute is the Lakme lip love conditioner at the back?? (i loved the heart shape)

These were the ones I ordered & Nexcare, I totally swear by it and the next post is the detailed review about it.
Lakme lip charmer shade is just what I expected and I like it. Brihans aloe gel  I'll use and tell you soon.

Waiting for your comments girls...

With love,

Monday, January 28

Hair Care Tips

No More Damaged Hair


     Had a great weekend girls?

 Today while shampooing my hair I got an idea of sharing you few tips that I learnt after spoiling my hair to the core. Hair is as important as skin and requires equal care too.

I’ll jot down few tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy or at the least not to damage it further while and after washing hair.

So here it goes..

Never shampoo the hair too often in the idea of keeping the scalp clean. (Twice a week would do)
Use a mild shampoo (everybody says this) mild in the sense the one that is not loaded with chemicals.
Get a shampoo that suits your hair type and stick on to it. (Hair and skin type are usually the same for most of us).
If you have dandruff, use the shampoo that is made to clear the scalp of dandruff.
If you don’t have, then never be tempted to use anti – dandruff shampoo. (I used by mistake and started having a terrible hair fall coz the chemicals in the shampoo is too harsh for normal scalp which I never knew it then)
While shampooing, don’t give too much pressure on the scalp, but be very gentle.
Use a conditioner only at the tips and never on the scalp.
Wash the hair thoroughly but gently without leaving any traces of shampoo or conditioner.
Wrap hair with a soft cotton towel to absorb excess water for say 5 minutes. (Wrapping towel for long will make your hair very frizzy)
Remove the towel and allow the hair to dry naturally.
Avoid using any heat tools or use a heat protectant before using any.
Never ever try to comb your wet hair as wet hair is more prone to breakage.
Don’t tie the damp hair unless it dries completely.

These were the simple mistakes I did but it damaged my hair so much. So if you don’t, your hair will be very happy so as you!! ;)
Leave your opinions below and I'll be happy to get back to you soon..

With love,

Saturday, January 26

My Winter Skin Care - Morning Routine

Hey buddies,

      I'd like to give a brief intro of my skin type; oily and acne prone and easily gets attacked due to 'mysterious' allergies as a result is the troublesome pimples which pops up now and then. Anyway skin’s type is not always the same and changes due to many reasons and one among it is the weather. 

     So my oily skin turns into combination skin type and that requires a separate regimen to combat the dry cheeks as well as my forehead, nose and chin (T zone) that behave normal at times while oily the rest. 
I guess it is time to head on to the products I use to keep my skin healthy.

 The products I use are
Cleanser/ Face Wash: Cetaphil OS
Toner: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner
Moisturiser: Acne Moist
About a year back or so I started this CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine and it has greatly helped my skin calm from the stubborn acne. 

Coming back to my Winter Skin care, I wash my face twice or thrice depending on the days. But once in the morning and once at night no matter what I stick on to it, as I don’t want to sleep on with make - up and clog my pores. I use Cetaphil Cleanser in the morning and night after which i apply the Neutrogena toner on. 

 Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner

A closer look...

Although the city I reside in is not of extreme climatic conditions still the chill wind takes away skin's moisture making my cheeks parched. So as soon as I wash my face, when the skin is still being damp I apply Acne Moist cream and this helps my cheeks from looking patchy and flaky.

 Above all this, the cleanser is mild, my skin loves the toner while it is refreshing and the acne moist cream provides good moisturization without oiliness  and these doesn't cause me acne also.

       This is just my morning routine and is exactly how I care for my skin during winters; especially this winter. I’ll soon post the night time routine with the detailed reviews coming soon of the products I mentioned today. 

I would like to know how you people take care of your skin this winter. Any suggestions /queries or simply your views you can leave me by clicking the comments below and I’ll see you soon with the replies. 

Keep Smiling Stay Healthy!!

With love,

Thursday, January 24

Painless Shaping / Tweezing Eyebrows:

Hey pretties,

      Today I was about to shape my eyebrows as it has grown pretty bad and has become shapeless. You look complete and good when you have neat shaped or tweezed brows right?

         I don’t go the parlors often, in fact all these years only once I went to parlor for shaping it. The reason is, it pains a lot for me and finally when it is done very rarely both the brows looks similar (agree?) but the beauty assistant there convinces us to pay for it and leave na? Also the poor skin looks red, sometimes even swollen and after two days when the brows start to look good it starts growing back again.......ugh!!

  Ok let me tell you how I do it by myself and at home. All you need is a pair of small grooming scissors with a slight bent or curved tip. 

Take a look at the pics..

The tips are slightly curved..

My eyebrow before shaping..

Shaped / Tweezed

After finishing....This is how mine looks

I did not use any fillers or pencil so that is my bare skin and eyebrow


  • These scissors are sharp but do not cut your skin as I only rest the bent side of the scissors on my skin. 
  • The extra hair can be cut precisely as it is very small and you can shape by yourself.
  • You don’t have to go parlor.
  • Very affordable and you just have to buy once for your future tweezing.
  • Above all NO Swollen Skin or PAIN!! 


There are no cons from my side but you need to get used with these to get the perfect shaped eyebrows every time. If at all you go wrong always there is brow pencil to fill (ha ha)!

If you want to buy then order HERE!!

Feel free to leave your comments below and your blog links if you own.
I'd love to see your comments!!

With love,

Tuesday, January 22

Accessory Haul

Mini Shopping Haul:

Good day Girls,

Guess you are having a great day and mine has been a calm day so far, but yesterday eve I had an awesome time with one of my tuition buddy whom I met almost after 4 years.We had lots of chatting, it was fun and the exciting part is that I shopped too (a  lil)! 

So I thought of showing you what my bags were with (not bragging but just love to show those like me who enjoy all these).I bought a new pair of stilettos and few accessories I picked up at a local store.

Here is the black and beige cutie.. 

Grip at the back

 Me ON the stilettos..(ha ha)

Few accessories like studs and the hair clips. My favorite is the Pink Snail and the Black Fish!


This completes my small accessories haul. Hope you liked..

Comment below which you liked the most..

Stay happy Stay fit!!

With love,

Sunday, January 20

My Outfit of the Day:

Hey everyone,

Today being Sunday, I am so lazy (are you?) and not in the idea of doing anything useful. But I did some shopping.......(online though). Yesterday has been quite a busy and a tiring day so I was not able to post anything.

Anyway right now I am in the plan of hitting the roads just to make myself fresh as I enjoy going out especially on weekends. So I thought why not post a quick look on the clothing, accessories that I may be wearing for the evening!

So here is the dress with all the accessories. Hope you can see!

A closer look at my bag and the flip flops!

This is the long chain, bangles and the ear rings I will be pairing with the clothes.

 Sorry for the poor lighting as I am a newbie in this (lol). In the forthcoming posts I'll make it fine..

Let me know your opinions on the comments below.

With love, 

Friday, January 18

Girls Only!!

Welcome to gurlssecrets..

Finally here comes the first post on my blog and I am totally excited. It is just my brief intro on what you girls get to see here every day. As you can guess out from the title, yes it is going to have those things that attract every one of you!


Who doesn’t love dresses and yeah it never ends how much ever we purchase! I will cover the dresses from jeans, tops, Curtis, skirts...The clothes I wear, colour combinations with ideas for bags, sandals, accessories etc. For a put together look.

Tote Bags/ Wallets:

After all our hands feel missing something, (no I don’t mean mobile phones) but the bags, as carrying a favourite bag of ours for sure gives us a feel of satisfaction which only we girls can understand.


Matching the shoes with the clothing we put on is the only chore I love doing and gives an added boost for our outings while the happiness can never be expressed or be understood by the guys or parents right?


Not a completed look without the cute and eye catchy dangling be it from ear rings, bangles, chains etc and the list never ends with so many attractive things out there.

Looks and Makeup:

Be it running errands with just a lip gloss and an eye liner or with full on make - up look, my personal reviews of the products I use, the favourites and those I regret buying everything has a place in my blog for you.

You will come across these here soon, a little doze of everything. Guess I dint miss out any! If I did miss out, I will love to hear from you on the comments below.
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