Thursday, January 24

Painless Shaping / Tweezing Eyebrows:

Hey pretties,

      Today I was about to shape my eyebrows as it has grown pretty bad and has become shapeless. You look complete and good when you have neat shaped or tweezed brows right?

         I don’t go the parlors often, in fact all these years only once I went to parlor for shaping it. The reason is, it pains a lot for me and finally when it is done very rarely both the brows looks similar (agree?) but the beauty assistant there convinces us to pay for it and leave na? Also the poor skin looks red, sometimes even swollen and after two days when the brows start to look good it starts growing back again.......ugh!!

  Ok let me tell you how I do it by myself and at home. All you need is a pair of small grooming scissors with a slight bent or curved tip. 

Take a look at the pics..

The tips are slightly curved..

My eyebrow before shaping..

Shaped / Tweezed

After finishing....This is how mine looks

I did not use any fillers or pencil so that is my bare skin and eyebrow


  • These scissors are sharp but do not cut your skin as I only rest the bent side of the scissors on my skin. 
  • The extra hair can be cut precisely as it is very small and you can shape by yourself.
  • You don’t have to go parlor.
  • Very affordable and you just have to buy once for your future tweezing.
  • Above all NO Swollen Skin or PAIN!! 


There are no cons from my side but you need to get used with these to get the perfect shaped eyebrows every time. If at all you go wrong always there is brow pencil to fill (ha ha)!

If you want to buy then order HERE!!

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  1. Hey Adity..
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)
    See, here u go..
    please reply to my comments :D


  2. This article is way too nice and helpful.
    Frankly I never tweezed my eyebrows myself.
    u did a good job :)

  3. this somethng intresting...
    so far i have never tried doing my eye brows..
    touch wood.. i don have messy eyebrows.. so i never found a need of getting it done...

  4. Hmm Lucky u.. the bright yellow nail looks great ..

  5. hey tat s gud dng lyk dis.whetr t ll b gd lyk as threadng eyebrows..

  6. Yes Tasneem, It'll be great.. You can get the shape as you want personally i don't like mine very thin..May be for the fist time after threading try to keep it in shape by cutting the newly grown hairs alone till you can start shaping the brows by yourself... Hope this helps...


Thank you for taking your time as it means so much to me. Love you and will reply soon..:)