Saturday, January 26

My Winter Skin Care - Morning Routine

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      I'd like to give a brief intro of my skin type; oily and acne prone and easily gets attacked due to 'mysterious' allergies as a result is the troublesome pimples which pops up now and then. Anyway skin’s type is not always the same and changes due to many reasons and one among it is the weather. 

     So my oily skin turns into combination skin type and that requires a separate regimen to combat the dry cheeks as well as my forehead, nose and chin (T zone) that behave normal at times while oily the rest. 
I guess it is time to head on to the products I use to keep my skin healthy.

 The products I use are
Cleanser/ Face Wash: Cetaphil OS
Toner: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner
Moisturiser: Acne Moist
About a year back or so I started this CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising) routine and it has greatly helped my skin calm from the stubborn acne. 

Coming back to my Winter Skin care, I wash my face twice or thrice depending on the days. But once in the morning and once at night no matter what I stick on to it, as I don’t want to sleep on with make - up and clog my pores. I use Cetaphil Cleanser in the morning and night after which i apply the Neutrogena toner on. 

 Neutrogena Fine Fairness Toner

A closer look...

Although the city I reside in is not of extreme climatic conditions still the chill wind takes away skin's moisture making my cheeks parched. So as soon as I wash my face, when the skin is still being damp I apply Acne Moist cream and this helps my cheeks from looking patchy and flaky.

 Above all this, the cleanser is mild, my skin loves the toner while it is refreshing and the acne moist cream provides good moisturization without oiliness  and these doesn't cause me acne also.

       This is just my morning routine and is exactly how I care for my skin during winters; especially this winter. I’ll soon post the night time routine with the detailed reviews coming soon of the products I mentioned today. 

I would like to know how you people take care of your skin this winter. Any suggestions /queries or simply your views you can leave me by clicking the comments below and I’ll see you soon with the replies. 

Keep Smiling Stay Healthy!!

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  1. even i have ben following CTM regim strictly from past 1week and i am able to see a good results :P
    me being super lazy i haven't used my toners regularly.... but now i have started... :P

  2. Ha ha jus lke me... Bt my pimples make me to follow the regimen...:( :D


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