Monday, January 28

Hair Care Tips

No More Damaged Hair


     Had a great weekend girls?

 Today while shampooing my hair I got an idea of sharing you few tips that I learnt after spoiling my hair to the core. Hair is as important as skin and requires equal care too.

I’ll jot down few tips to keep your hair shiny and healthy or at the least not to damage it further while and after washing hair.

So here it goes..

Never shampoo the hair too often in the idea of keeping the scalp clean. (Twice a week would do)
Use a mild shampoo (everybody says this) mild in the sense the one that is not loaded with chemicals.
Get a shampoo that suits your hair type and stick on to it. (Hair and skin type are usually the same for most of us).
If you have dandruff, use the shampoo that is made to clear the scalp of dandruff.
If you don’t have, then never be tempted to use anti – dandruff shampoo. (I used by mistake and started having a terrible hair fall coz the chemicals in the shampoo is too harsh for normal scalp which I never knew it then)
While shampooing, don’t give too much pressure on the scalp, but be very gentle.
Use a conditioner only at the tips and never on the scalp.
Wash the hair thoroughly but gently without leaving any traces of shampoo or conditioner.
Wrap hair with a soft cotton towel to absorb excess water for say 5 minutes. (Wrapping towel for long will make your hair very frizzy)
Remove the towel and allow the hair to dry naturally.
Avoid using any heat tools or use a heat protectant before using any.
Never ever try to comb your wet hair as wet hair is more prone to breakage.
Don’t tie the damp hair unless it dries completely.

These were the simple mistakes I did but it damaged my hair so much. So if you don’t, your hair will be very happy so as you!! ;)
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  1. NIce tips Aditi :)
    I have a award waiting for you :D


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