Sunday, January 20

My Outfit of the Day:

Hey everyone,

Today being Sunday, I am so lazy (are you?) and not in the idea of doing anything useful. But I did some shopping.......(online though). Yesterday has been quite a busy and a tiring day so I was not able to post anything.

Anyway right now I am in the plan of hitting the roads just to make myself fresh as I enjoy going out especially on weekends. So I thought why not post a quick look on the clothing, accessories that I may be wearing for the evening!

So here is the dress with all the accessories. Hope you can see!

A closer look at my bag and the flip flops!

This is the long chain, bangles and the ear rings I will be pairing with the clothes.

 Sorry for the poor lighting as I am a newbie in this (lol). In the forthcoming posts I'll make it fine..

Let me know your opinions on the comments below.

With love, 

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