Friday, August 23

August Shopping Haul

August Shopping Splurge!! (Haul)

Hello dears,

I am pretty contented this August for doing a little shopping splurge..Some products which I thought wouldn’t be mine are now in my kitty bagJ J So with no further do I am clicking up pictures of what I shopped this time. All the products are beauty/ Makeup stuff mostly from shopping malls and online stores. Also few I did try out and turned out to be my love although I have not used for long to write a review on.

These cuties in my haul…

  •   Rimmel London Pressed Matte Powder
  •    Lakme Absolute Shine Eye Liner
  •   Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipstick
  •   Lakme Absolute Lip Tint
  •   Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss
  •  Colorbar Velvette Matte Lipstick
  •  Maybelline Baby Lips
  •  Biotique Margosa Shampoo & Conditioner
  •   Pond’s BB+ Fairness Cream
  •   Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream
  •  Lakme True Wear Nail Color

Rimmel London Pressed Matte Powder:

With so many raves about this product thought of giving a try. Just used it once and is pretty good. Anyway let me use it for few days before saying any word about it.

Pond’s BB+ Fairness Cream:

Yayy I am on the second tube. Just love it and I have already reviewed here. Boy I was wrong the little tube had so much product that lasted me more than 2 months on daily use in the mornings. 

Lakme Perfect Radiance Night Cream:
My new favorite. Saving up for the review which I'll do soon. 

Lakme Absolute Lip Tint:

The chubby stick and all the ads tempted me to try. Though it is so costly and never worth for the price, I just got it for the shade, now this is what is splurge. Anyway had a voucher so redeemed it for the Lip tint. The tint and glossy effect is good but nothing great for its price.

Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss (Naked Brown):

Now this is a perfect combo with the lakme 9 to 5 Brownie point. The glossy effect on 
the matte long wear is suitable for daily office wear. The gloss can also be worn alone and still managed to give a beautiful tint and glossy effect to it. 

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick:

I just loveeeeeee it, got in the shade Brownie Point and suits perfect for me. Tried few shades in the mall came up to Coffe Command and Brownie Point after trying the 2 chose the Brownie Point which looked more natural on lips. The staying power is true to its claim 9 to 5 JJJJ but it is matte effect and leaves the feeling of not wearing anything on my lips. The tint it leaves is natural and does not look like wearing any.

Colorbar Velvette Matte Lipstick in Bare:

After all the raves about this Velbette matte in shade Bare is a neutral tone, again suitable for every day wear for office. Just used once and I like it to some extent. Will try out enough and do a review may be the latest review in the blogosphere. :p

Maybelline Baby Lips:

Does it need any intro? I have all the tinted shades and Mango pie in the clear one. After using almost every day under lipstick or alone, the baby lips is over. So thought of giving a try to the last one left in the Baby lips range and hence the Antioxidant Berry.

Lakme Absolute Shine Eyeliner in Brown Glitter:

I have so many blacks and got it in brown glitter. The swatch was so good but on eyes it kind of looked pale or may be I am used with blacks. But with black thin liner and the brown glitter, the combo is different and good. So I will not use the brown glitter alone. Staying power is good.

Lakme True Wear Nail Color in Wildberry Mauve:

I just got it as a complement on buying other products. It is a beautiful mauve color which I am wearing now. I am not a nail person but the shade is still pretty convincing. 

Biotique Margosa Shampoo & Conditioner:

So my all time shampoo Biotique Bio Kelp is an empty and with few flakes emerging up in my scalp thought of trying out the natural shampoo for the mild dandruff. Lets see how it flares…JOops I forgot to click a pic as I started using it. So that's all in all that I 

Have a great day!

Monday, August 19

Pond’s Pimple Clear White Multi action face Wash Review

Review on Ponds New Pimple Clear Face Wash

Hello there,

   How are you guys doing? I have been sick lately and just got better. Also running high on emotions I am just trying to get back on track and finally here I am with the new post on the Pond’s Pimple Clear Complete 10 Face Wash which was in drafts for long...:(

. After my recent love with the Pond’s BB Cream that I use every single day I am sort of getting trust over the brand and it is turning out to be an obsession. J Let me start on and pour out all I had to say about this new face wash I showed in my previous Nykaa Shopping haul post.

The reason I got the new face wash was the claims the Pond’s gave as it sounded that the brand as made a cleanser just hearing out all the problems I faced with my skin.
You get it girl, oily to combination (dryness at times around cheeks) & acne prone… the same old and never ending concerns with me.

Here goes the Pond’s Claims..
  • Complete Solution Pimple – Clear White fights 10 oil & pimple problems
  • Multi action facial wash
  • Oil absorbing clay
  • Pimple Fighting Salicylic Formula
  • Brightening Essence

Formulated by Pond’s Institute Pond’s Pimple – Clear White
  1. Removes excess oil
  2. Clears Pimples
  3. Reduces pimple related blemishes
  4. Reduces redness
  5. Calms skin
  6. Reduces blackheads
  7. Reduces Whiteheads
  8. Smoothens roughness
  9. Tightens pores
  10. Brightens Skin

These are the 10 problems Ponds has listed out and I have all these, hence sounded like the brand has herd my problems and made a face wash just for me.

Price: 50 g for Rs 75

Color/ Texture/ Fragrance:

Greyish cream cleanser with bluish green beads in it. The beads are gentle enough yet strong to remove off the day's grime on my skin. The texture is creamy and foams out well on moist face. Fragrance is the usual ponds one and I love it as it is mild and non irritating. Oops my poor camera can't capture the tiny beads!


The Ponds packaging with a white tube and a flip flop cap to dispense the cleanser. The cap is at time hard to flip open but at the same time convenient of travel use. I love the sturdy squeeze tube packaging.

Read on to See what all the claims are true:

I got this face wash mainly for the claim reduces whiteheads which has been my recent concern as when I return home from office I could see 2 to 3 whiteheads about to bloom. As I said earlier I faced all the 10 problems listed above so gave it a shot to try, had nothing to lose as well. 

When I first used the face wash in the evening after returning home with face full of grime and dirt from the day, it did a pretty good cleansing with the beads just to scrub off the dust that has clogged my poor pores. My skin did not stretch or give a dry feeling and immediately I slathered the favorite moisturiser on skin. After few days of use in the eve returning home, to my surprise whiteheads reduced. No new pimples too yayy!!

My new routine includes using of this face wash in the evening returning home. The scrubbing (little) is not necessary in the night or morning as I am at home so I use my regular Cetaphil one for that. My skin feels smooth and bright after the face wash and moisturiser routine. :)   

The claims that worked for me..
  1. Removes excess oil
  2. Clears Pimples
  3. Reduces pimple related blemishes
  4. Reduces redness
  5. Calms skin
  6. Reduces blackheads
  7. Reduces Whiteheads
  8. Smoothens roughness
  9. Tightens pores
  10. Brightens Skin
Yes it did exactly what is mentioned on the pack and I am totally loving it. 


Nothing at all I just like the face wash just made for my troublesome skin. May be loaded with chemicals but all the chemicals my skin accepted so it is not really a con.

On the whole I just love the face wash and the Pond's BB cream and the Pond's Blackhead removing daily scrub. These are the 3 products I started with the brand and all the 3 turned out so well for me. This is the reason for me getting obsessed with the brand. 

I would recommend all the oily to combo skin girls to try out if you have a skin like me that constantly needs pampering and care.

My Rating: 4.5/5


Wednesday, August 7

Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream Review & Swatch

Review on Lakme Complexion Care Cream (CC Cream)

Hey Gals,
    The day is so busy and I am literally running short of time trying to catch up with my regular chores. Only mornings I get the mood for ‘talking, talking and talking’ telling all stories to my mum and finally reaching office late than usual :D
I am not gonna jabber here and drag…Today’s post is all about the new CC Cream from the Lakme range. Lakme is the first brand to launch their CC cream from the BB cream bandwagon and laid my hands on it in the previous haul post. After using it for a couple of times I am reviewing …..and here goes

Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream claims:

All in 1 Instant Skin Stylist with SPF 20 that instantly
  • Protects
  • Moisturizes
  • Brightens
  • Even Skin tone
  • Conceals
  • Freshens

This instant skin stylist brings together all the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of makeup to give you skin that looks styles by an expert every day.

For best results dab over cleansed skin & blend in till absorbed for instant brightness & a perfect finish. Use every day.

Beige – for fair to wheatish complexion
Bronze – for dusky complexion

Loaded with chemicals.

My View:
Let me confess now, I am totally and my skin is in love with the Ponds BB Cream so I wanted something that works as good as the Ponds one or something better than that.

Cute and attractive one with long and sleek nude color tube with a silver screw top. It is hygienic and easy to squeeze the cream out of it.

Texture/ Fragrance:
The shade I Chose is bronze and it perfectly matches my skin tone. It is soft and buttery as well as thick. The fragrance of the CC cream is not so strong but I like it.

Blend/ Coverage:
This CC Cream is easy to blend and gets absorbed soon without leaving a ghosty or ashy cast on skin. The coverage is medium to light more than enough for daily office use.

I first tried the CC cream without applying moisturizer as my skin is oily and acne prone. But the skin showed little dryness around cheek area. So tried with mixing a little hydrating cream and CC cream and the effect was good. But the first time I took a lot of the CC cream and it was a made up look.
The next time I got it right with bright and a fresh even skin look but… the staying power is so less. As my skin is oily it hardly stayed without shine just for 3 to 4 hours even with compact on. Then it required blotting. It is suitable to wear on evenings’ weekends out but not for regular office use to sit for 9 hours.
The Lakme CC cream has not labeled as non pore clogging hence I am skeptical in using on my skin as it is acne prone and even a usual breakout irks me that this CC cream has caused it.

I am so sorry for the poor lighting in the pictures.. will soon do a FOTD of the CC Cream.

Price: 250 Rs for 30 ml

The goodies:
  • Shade perfectly suits me
  • Easy to blend
  • Texture
  • Coverage
  • As concealer
  • Evens skin tone
  • Bight and fresh look
  • SPF 20
  • Fragrance

The bads:
  • Price
  • Shade availability
  • Poor moisturizing
  • Oily and does not control shine
  • Poor staying
  • No label as non pore clogging
On the whole if you have a great skin and topping it with Lakme CC cream would do wonders. If like mine(oily and acne prone), I would not recommend you to even try out for its price. 


Thursday, August 1

New Launch from Vaseline!!

 Press Release: Vaseline Complete 10 Body Lotion

           Perfect looking skin is every woman’s desire, but are you ready to face the truth about your skin? Has your skin lost its suppleness and feels dull, dry & dehydrated? Does your skin show fine lines, uneven skin tone and dark spots along with skin darkening? Well, if these problems sound familiar, then you are one amongst many of the Indian women who are looking for a respite. This tale of weakening in the skin’s texture and quality can be reversed, with the new Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion!

Until the age of 25, nature protects you from various skin problems, due to the skin’s amazing ability to rejuvenate itself.  The skin is equipped with a natural repair mechanism, through which older skin is replaced every few weeks. But after the age of 25, there is a slowdown in this process and the body skin starts showing inconsistency in the colour and texture in comparison to the facial skin.

While we take utmost care of our face and put in a lot of time and effort in following beauty protocols; the fact that body skin needs equal amount of care and pampering is often ignored. This nurturing is pivotal to achieve a natural glow and an even skin tone that matches the facial skin. Ignoring our body skin care can lead to evident signs of skin ageing with every passing year.  Plus there are some intrinsic factors related to modern lifestyle such as a poor diet, lack of exercise, reduction in immune function and external factors like environmental pollution, which lead to skin damage, accelerating the aging process.

Available in:

100 ml  -  Rs 100/-

300ml   -  Rs 275/-

Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion helps the skin to look young and radiant as it contains essential ingredients that facilitate the skin rejuvenation process! It is infused with vitamin B3 which aids the lightening process of the tanned skin and helps in restoring an even skin tone. It also includes AHA which helps in boosting the moisture content and the elasticity of the skin. Besides that AHA also helps to exfoliate the dry skin cells and assists in restoring even skin tone. Plus it is topped with glycerin and lipids that make your skin look nourished and radiant.

Changes in skin start appearing due to modification in its texture which reflect in the form of thinner skin, weaker skin barrier and increased dryness. This is often caused by slower cell renewal process, slower shedding of skin cells and changes in the skin’s structural composition, which results in reduced blood and nutrient flow to the outer most layer of the skin, leading to signs of aging in the form of dullness and uneven skin tone, which become more evident!

Benefits of Vaseline Complete 10

                       Visible skin lightening over time
           Makes the skin feel firm & tight
          Restores the even tone of the skin
          Visibly helps reduce fine lines
           Protects from the UVA & UVB radiation
           Helps renew the skin

Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion has triple sunscreens which help to protect the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The protective layer of the lotion thereby prevents further tanning and damage to skin.

In addition it also includes the goodness of anti-oxidants which protect from UV damage and thus help in reducing the fine lines appearing on the skin. This body lotion contains CLA, an important ingredient that helps in reducing the dark spots and assists in skin renewing process.
The benefits sound almost never ending! So what are you waiting for, grab a bottle of Vaseline Complete 10 body lotion and welcome every approaching year with confidence that reflects not only on your face but also in your body skin.