Tuesday, July 30

July Vellvette Box

Vellvette Box of July:

Yayy finally to spice up my month end when I am literally broke... Yes it is the Vellvette Box that rung my bell when I had no clue of what the courier would be. It was a pleasant surprise and it came yesterday evening. With no further delay I just cut all the packaging and the cute box showed up with a pink bow ribbon this time. :) 

The theme Velvette Box took this month is the 'Quick Fix' and here are the products I received. This July they were to give 2 full sized samples and I was thoroughly excited.

All that I got was
  • LA Splash Black Mascara
  • Sally Hansen Radiant Nails & Cuticle Cream
  • Bluberry and Smoothie
  • Bling Nail Appliques (additional with all July boxes)

So here are the "Quick Fixes"...with all packed neat in bubble wraps. My mum loves the bubble wrap to burst and it is great stress breaker :P 

How adorable are they?

Love the fragrance and the yummy wordings written on it. Will sure be my travel body wash (100 ml) for this month that is going to happen soon..*jumping*

So I am not more of a nail person but may be such a full sized one will last me for years. Definitely going to try this ....

Last time got the LA Splash Glitter Eye liner which I use for office almost everyday. Used once today and my lashes looked good. Will soon do a full on review of the LA Splash Eye liner and their Mascara

So that's all in my Vellvete box. Comparing to the last time box I am not very happy with this but still the mascara and body wash I loved. Velvette boxes are sure a surprise for all the bloggers every month end and I will for sure subscribe for the August month also :) 


Sunday, July 28

Review on Maybelline Liquid Eye liner

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner Review:

Hey buds,

        Today I’m feeling excited for no reason and hope the day turns out good. From the post you could make out..it is about Maybelline. I am in love with the Maybelline brand and using few stuff from the same.
With its Colossal range creating a hype everywhere I came across this awesome product few months back. “Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner”.

What would I say about it in short? The Hyper Glossy Eyeliner is what it is..glossy and remains as just applied.

Wednesday, July 24

Elle 18 Lipstick Review and Swatches

Elle 18 Coffee Cream Review

Good day!

I am back with another lipstick from my favourite brand Elle 18 (already reviewed 4shades here). It is close to my heart as it is one of the first brands I tried back when I was in school. The ‘color pops’ are quite famous with ample shades to suit all.
Today’s review is all about the Elle 18 Coffee Cream lipstick (shade no 39) which I recently laid my hands on when looking for a wearable shade to office.

One thing all the girls’ love it about Elle 18 is the cute black with a picture of girl with attitude is something attracted me the most. The black cap clicks well and it has never been loose in spite of me dropping down a zillion times. :P

Very affordable for all the college girls and priced 100 bucks for 4.3 ml

The lipstick glides smooth and is not drying. The cocoa butter in the centre gives glossy effect on the shade so not a matte one.

Hmmm how do I say...Cocoa buttery? Yeah but not strong and fades off after applying.

Coffee Cream Shade no 39:
The shade is a beautiful brown that goes well with all the Indian skin. The brown nude color makes it wearable for office with a glossy sheen to it. Unlike the Cinnamon Bun Shade, it does not have any peachy tint to it but just a coffee brown tint.

It stays on lips for about 2 hours without any meals and does leave a slight tint behind that is not odd. No highlighting of fine lines after hours.

  • Wearable shades
  • Moisturising
  • Smooth to glide
  • Enriched with cocoa butter
  • Lasts long
  • Price

  • Wears off after 3 hours
  • No other ingredients other than cocoa butter

And that is me wearing Coffee Cream :) So just give a try if you don’t own one. Does not hurt pocket and the shades are also ample to choose.


Sunday, July 21

Review on Toni and Guy Conditioner

Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner Review

Hi all,

    Happy Sunday!! I am just lounging around enjoying every bit of the weekend and hope you all doing good.

I was about to miss by June month Vellvette box sorry Vellvete bag!! The theme was “travel” and I literally forgot to subscribe. I got a personal mail on 20th June about the theme and that’s when I ordered, probably being the last one to order my box; good that I din’t miss it. On my June month Vellvette bag all the products I totally love and one of it is now my favorite.

The pink Vellvette pouch it came with can pretty much fit in the travel essentials and in it were 3 products: La Splash Glitter Eye Liner, Natures & Co Pimple treatment kit and the Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner.

I am not someone to experiment with my hair and the last Tresseme Shampoo experience literally bewildered me (got cystic acne all over face)!!

Very cute in Bright pink plastic bottle with white screw cap. The mouth is wide and can have control over the product dispensed.

It is waxy... yes like candle made in to a paste form. When I rub it in palms the conditioner is waxy soft and giving smoothness. Fragrance is not strong.

I got the 75 ml bottle sample in Vellvette box which usually costs around Rs 250 in India.


The detangling conditioner rehydrates your hair to tame frizz for smoother curls. It will give your curly or curled style hair a glossy sheen.

My Experience:

Hair type: Oily scalp, wavy frizzy ends

So somehow managed to try this after using my Biotique Shampoo on the ends just for seconds and washed it off. Immediately found my ends of the hair (mid length to tip) soooooo soft and smooth. Once dried, hair is bouncy with no tangles J J. The glossy sheen is the only word that could match. Hair is lustrous with a glossy sheen and I love it, so far no allergic reaction on my face which is more important for me.

Though it is costly it is worth the price and a pea sized quantity will do for the ends.
 Overall I am happy with the conditioner and will buy one myself after emptying it.



Saturday, July 20

Nykaa Shopping Haul:)

Online Shopping Experience with Nykaa


    I am excited for this weekend with loads of plans up (err..yet to decide though). Meanwhile I got my package delivered yesterday evening (yayy). This being the first time I shopped at Nykaa and here is what came in the mail.

All the products I got were new meaning about to try out for the first time and some new to market.

Thursday, July 18

My Ramblings..

My Life...

Hey all,

   I don’t really know as to how many times I am going to keep asking for excuses or pacify myself. Still it is hard for me to settle on to something or completely dedicate myself. Let me straight away come to the point, so I just finished my engineering and some of you know this if you had been following my posts.

I must have thought well before committing (yes mean my bloggie) because I started this January which was filled with my engineering project, final semester etc etc.  Anyway my blog is recently started and I am not able keep updating the posts (feeling awful...:( as my job consumes all of my energy and day 9 to 6 pm) while am back home terribly exhausted. It’s been over a month I joined my office and now slowly getting used to it. (omg full day work is like .....gosh) 
So I am working out a plan to schedule things on time so there is time for everything. (no more excuses) .

My (new & useless) routine ...

7 AM – Up on bed after running through my tab I get up.(my day starts with wats app texts he he)

8 AM – After having a sip of coffee off to bath, finish off my chores.

9 AM – Mum dumping food in my mouth (she feeds meJ ) and I get ready.

9:15 – 6:15 PM – AT WORK

7:00 PM – On couch munching Tiffin with my fav serial on TV

8:30 – 9:30 PM – a little nap (yeah eyes just close off while seeing TV)

9:30 – 10:00 PM – Dinner and night skin care routine with half dozed eyes

10:15 PM – Hit the bed and back to 7:00 AM.

I know my routine is not worth to be up on my blog as it has nothing really productive. (L). So that’s why planning on to change things up and will fit in my blog as well as my writing work.

By the way I still shop a lot (online) and soon have hauls coming up.. ;) 

Wish me guys to get back on track and do things useful. (:P)

Love you,