Saturday, July 20

Nykaa Shopping Haul:)

Online Shopping Experience with Nykaa


    I am excited for this weekend with loads of plans up (err..yet to decide though). Meanwhile I got my package delivered yesterday evening (yayy). This being the first time I shopped at Nykaa and here is what came in the mail.

All the products I got were new meaning about to try out for the first time and some new to market.

  • Ponds Pimple Clear White Multiaction Facewash & Scrub
  • Lakme CC Cream (Complexion Care cream)
  • Nivea Whitening Body Lotion
  • Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Under Eye Serum
  • Chicco No Tears Shampoo
  • Livon Silky Potion

Ponds Pimple Clear White Multiaction Facewash & Scrub 
It is been a week since I started using it and my whiteheads greatly reduced. (major concern this monsoon). Will soon do a full on review once I can sum up the pros and cons.

Lakme Complexion Care Cream: (CC Cream)
I joined the bandwagon too and yet to try on me. Hopefully the CC cream is better or at least matches to that  of my recent love ponds BB cream. My next will be Deborah 5 in 1 BB cream for its matte effect. (my skin is oily acne prone)

Nivea Whitening Body Lotion:
My Parachute Body lotion is about to expire and I wanted something with UV protection as I go out for office in sun, so the Nivea UV Body Lotion.

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Under Eye Serum:
Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel is my favorite so far. Thought of giving this a try..

Chicco No Tears Shampoo:
Literally got this to avoid additional shipping/ COD charge. The packaging was cute and it is SLS, parabens free as well as hypoallergenic. 

Livon Silky Potion:
Again a new try ... 

So that's all in my Nykaa Shopping Haul.

My Experience with Nykaa:
Good site, easy to use expect for their COD charge everything is fine. First time I paid online and was waiting for the package. Took around a week and more for it to arrive. Good site to browse on to know the new launches for us (shopaholics :) ). 



  1. Wow lovely Haul let me know how is Lame CC cream :)

  2. great haul....
    i never heard about this site ;)
    will check out now :P

  3. can you please tell me how long it took to nykaa to deliver your package , i have orderd them 5 days back havnt got any mail yet ..plz reply

  4. Hey pinkie dont worry nykaa is slow at deliveribg.. it will take about 5 to 6 working days aftr your order is shipped... you will get soon and do share what you have ordered with nykas:)

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