Sunday, July 21

Review on Toni and Guy Conditioner

Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner Review

Hi all,

    Happy Sunday!! I am just lounging around enjoying every bit of the weekend and hope you all doing good.

I was about to miss by June month Vellvette box sorry Vellvete bag!! The theme was “travel” and I literally forgot to subscribe. I got a personal mail on 20th June about the theme and that’s when I ordered, probably being the last one to order my box; good that I din’t miss it. On my June month Vellvette bag all the products I totally love and one of it is now my favorite.

The pink Vellvette pouch it came with can pretty much fit in the travel essentials and in it were 3 products: La Splash Glitter Eye Liner, Natures & Co Pimple treatment kit and the Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner.

I am not someone to experiment with my hair and the last Tresseme Shampoo experience literally bewildered me (got cystic acne all over face)!!

Very cute in Bright pink plastic bottle with white screw cap. The mouth is wide and can have control over the product dispensed.

It is waxy... yes like candle made in to a paste form. When I rub it in palms the conditioner is waxy soft and giving smoothness. Fragrance is not strong.

I got the 75 ml bottle sample in Vellvette box which usually costs around Rs 250 in India.


The detangling conditioner rehydrates your hair to tame frizz for smoother curls. It will give your curly or curled style hair a glossy sheen.

My Experience:

Hair type: Oily scalp, wavy frizzy ends

So somehow managed to try this after using my Biotique Shampoo on the ends just for seconds and washed it off. Immediately found my ends of the hair (mid length to tip) soooooo soft and smooth. Once dried, hair is bouncy with no tangles J J. The glossy sheen is the only word that could match. Hair is lustrous with a glossy sheen and I love it, so far no allergic reaction on my face which is more important for me.

Though it is costly it is worth the price and a pea sized quantity will do for the ends.
 Overall I am happy with the conditioner and will buy one myself after emptying it.




  1. nice review Adity :)
    good that it worked for you....
    I am scared to try somethng new for my hairs :P

  2. Thanks Razz... Happy it worked for me. I can understand new products are always scary to try.....:)


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