Thursday, July 18

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Hey all,

   I don’t really know as to how many times I am going to keep asking for excuses or pacify myself. Still it is hard for me to settle on to something or completely dedicate myself. Let me straight away come to the point, so I just finished my engineering and some of you know this if you had been following my posts.

I must have thought well before committing (yes mean my bloggie) because I started this January which was filled with my engineering project, final semester etc etc.  Anyway my blog is recently started and I am not able keep updating the posts (feeling awful...:( as my job consumes all of my energy and day 9 to 6 pm) while am back home terribly exhausted. It’s been over a month I joined my office and now slowly getting used to it. (omg full day work is like .....gosh) 
So I am working out a plan to schedule things on time so there is time for everything. (no more excuses) .

My (new & useless) routine ...

7 AM – Up on bed after running through my tab I get up.(my day starts with wats app texts he he)

8 AM – After having a sip of coffee off to bath, finish off my chores.

9 AM – Mum dumping food in my mouth (she feeds meJ ) and I get ready.

9:15 – 6:15 PM – AT WORK

7:00 PM – On couch munching Tiffin with my fav serial on TV

8:30 – 9:30 PM – a little nap (yeah eyes just close off while seeing TV)

9:30 – 10:00 PM – Dinner and night skin care routine with half dozed eyes

10:15 PM – Hit the bed and back to 7:00 AM.

I know my routine is not worth to be up on my blog as it has nothing really productive. (L). So that’s why planning on to change things up and will fit in my blog as well as my writing work.

By the way I still shop a lot (online) and soon have hauls coming up.. ;) 

Wish me guys to get back on track and do things useful. (:P)

Love you,



  1. Hey Adity :)
    Nice to see you back :)
    I know how it feels for the 9-6 work.. :/
    All the best buddy!
    Waiting for your new routine post and also you haul posts :)

  2. Hey Addi Its part of life... you will soon balance you work life... no worries good luck.. but dont strain much or get worried on your recent changes



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