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Review of Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream

BB Cream from Pond's - Review

Hey ya,

        How you all doing? Its been ages since I wanted to do a full on review of the new BB cream that has hit the markets. I have done a review of the Garnier one and it seems to be a little too oily for my skin type and hence does not stay for long although the coverage is good. 
         I have been religiously trying out the Pond's BB+ Fairness cream so that I don't miss out any of its pros and cons.

Pond's claim:

"Pond's white beauty BB+ fairness cream SPF 30 PA++ with Gen White cover formula (phew such a long name) helps reveal your perfect natural look. The first all in one BB+ fairness cream works from outside as well as inside. This unique skin color matching fairness cream gives you a natural looking instant glow on the outside white working from inside. For a perfect and glowing look everyday".

Specially designed for indian skin and helps give you
  • Instant natural glow on outside
  • Lightens your skin and spot from inside
  • Evens skin tone
  • With spf30 for sun protection
  • No clogging of lores
  • Light and non oily texture
  • *within the elidermis layer


Cute, small white tube with a nozzle for the cream to come out. Silver screw cap secures the cream from drying out and it is mess free to store or travel with.

The cream like other bb creams is smooth and non runny. It is easy to blend on skin and does not dry quick. Gives a subtle tint and color to the any skin tone.

Yeah the same pond's smell and i don't hate it.


My skin type: oily to combination, acne prone

  • I first tried this BB cream after cleansing my face without applying moisturizer, my cheeks looked dry and little flaky.
  • Next with skin after moisturising, still it looked streaky and unhealthy while i had few pimples which i believed that this cream has caused although it claims no clogging of pores.
  • I stopped using the  cream cor few days after which i tried mixing my fav moisturiser and BB cream together and dotted face to blend out, yes this worked, no dry patches, no oiliness and looked natural but still the pimples bothered me. 

  • Using daily past 3 weeks, wow it suited my skin and this did not break me out and is just the way I wanted.
  • Now I am totally in love with this and I wear it everyday to office and it has sun protection too. I set it with loose powder while it stays on till lunch after which it starts to get oily.
  • I drive in he morning without covering my full face in sun and that caused it to stay only till noon. 
  • Once i started covering my face with scarf, the cream works even better staying post lunch too after which little compact would make me through the day.
So now I am totally in love with this BB cream and I got the technique too to make it work for me.

Thus it took me so long to do the review and i bought he small pack of 69 rs. Soon will get a bigger pack and it will continue to be my every day wear.

Price: INR 69 for 9 gm and INR 125 for 18 gm

My likes:
  • All claims are true
  • I am sure about working from within or the fairness part but does give brightness
  • No clogging of pores and this did not break me out either
  • Easy to blend by mixing with moisturizer for me.
  • Love the tint and subtle glow
  • Can't really comment on the dark spot reduction part

  • Quantity can be better
  • Can't really comment on the dark spot reduction part
  • Overall i love the Ponds BB cream.
So give a try to check if it suits you as every skin is different. I personally would buy another tube soon:)

Adity Iyer

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  1. This sometimes looks a little ashy on me :)


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