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May/June Beauty makeup Favorites

Monthly Skincare/ Makeup Product Loves

         Happy Sunday!! 
The days have been hectic with me entering into a new phase of life..yeah I'm just done with my engineering and now I get why the weekends are so special. Okay no more babbling and just moving onto my last month favorites.

These are the ones I bought recently (few months back) and here is the sum up of all that turned to be my favorites..

  • Himalaya neem foaming face wash
  • Fab india vitamin e hydrating cream for oily skin
  • Ponds white beauty BB+ fairness cream
  • Lakme loose powder with sunscreen
  • Maybelline hyper gloss liquid liner in black
  • Maybelline hypercurl mascara easy wash
  • Max factor eye kohl pencil
  • Maybelline color bloom in pink
  • Nivea glamorous gloss in pink sugar          

Himalaya foaming face wash:

Got it a while back probably last winter when I was in the look out for a face wash that does not make my oily skin dry out. Don't really know as to why it was lying all alone on my counter. When my HG face wash was about to run out I started to try it and yeah it is good in cleansing, no breakouts and no dryness or flaky skin.

Fabindia vitamin E hydrating cream for oily skin:

My current favourite moisturiser for this summer. I have done a detailed review about it and loving this. Not sure of how it will work in harsh cold weather as it is light and is so far the best for summer. Read about it here.

Ponds white beauty BB+ fairness cream:

Yayyy I have been using this a lot lately, in fact daily and no breakouts while it keeps my oily skin without oiliness for 4 to 5 hours with compact on providing enough coverage. Soon to do a detailed review about this:)

Lakme loose powder with sunscreen:

My first ever loose powder as I always opt compacts. I was eyeing it for long and at last have it a shot and it turned out to be a best shot. Keeps oil at bay for 4 half a day and also has sunscreen.

Maybelline hyper glossy liquid liner:
Quantity so less for price but such an awesome eye liner to give the glossy effect of just applied. Using it almost daily. The thin, stiff brush helps to create thin or thick, winged lines. 

Maybelline hyper curl volume express mascara:

New love after their colossal mascara. Really does curl and gives eyes awaken and a bright look holding the lashes well. I don't like the waterproof one as it is headache personally for me to take off and this one is just what I need.

Max factor eye kohl pencil:

Tiny miny pencil works so great on the waterline with the jet black effect. I got it in my 'Velvette box' and love it.

Maybelline color bloom in pink:

Lots of maybelline products tpmy favourites i guess :D
Anyway color bloom is the color changing lip balm that gives a pink glow to the lips which has SPF protection too. But don't keep applying as I did the first time and it color changed so so dark that made me look like clown :p two swipes covering lip would be perfect.

Nivea glamorous gloss in pink sugar:

Nivea glamorous gloss, yes the name itself is true as it gives a glossy shine to the lips and good taste.. yeah sometimes.....:p and has SPF too.

These are the products i have been using quite lately and regularly and I'm love them. Soon will be up are the full on reviews of all these
Is any product my favorite is your favourite too? Share on comments below will love to read...

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  1. very good info all these are very famous in India. i have seen some branded cosmetics products at MajorBrands.


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