Monday, June 3

Sunday Casuals - OOTD

My Outfit for the Weekend 

Hey friends,

           This weekend was really great and had fun hanging out and did some shopping too :). Both Saturday & Sunday evening was out and thought of sharing one of the outfits I wore on Sunday for the mall.
It is just a casual eve out and wore my red pant but paired with a grey 'mini' top for the first time.

 Here are the few clicks..

My cute pussy cat chain and love the mini's bow :p


Cool breeze..messed up hair..:D

Black red Fish hair clip..

And that's me in half dream cum
sleep :)

Thanks to my "Momma" for all her patience in taking pics of her ever troubling daughter :):)

So what you think of the combo?
See you gals,



  1. Loved your look very much the outfit rocks :)

  2. You look damn hot.

  3. Wow, Wow,Wow,Wow and Wow. You look soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.


Thank you for taking your time as it means so much to me. Love you and will reply soon..:)