Friday, January 18

Girls Only!!

Welcome to gurlssecrets..

Finally here comes the first post on my blog and I am totally excited. It is just my brief intro on what you girls get to see here every day. As you can guess out from the title, yes it is going to have those things that attract every one of you!


Who doesn’t love dresses and yeah it never ends how much ever we purchase! I will cover the dresses from jeans, tops, Curtis, skirts...The clothes I wear, colour combinations with ideas for bags, sandals, accessories etc. For a put together look.

Tote Bags/ Wallets:

After all our hands feel missing something, (no I don’t mean mobile phones) but the bags, as carrying a favourite bag of ours for sure gives us a feel of satisfaction which only we girls can understand.


Matching the shoes with the clothing we put on is the only chore I love doing and gives an added boost for our outings while the happiness can never be expressed or be understood by the guys or parents right?


Not a completed look without the cute and eye catchy dangling be it from ear rings, bangles, chains etc and the list never ends with so many attractive things out there.

Looks and Makeup:

Be it running errands with just a lip gloss and an eye liner or with full on make - up look, my personal reviews of the products I use, the favourites and those I regret buying everything has a place in my blog for you.

You will come across these here soon, a little doze of everything. Guess I dint miss out any! If I did miss out, I will love to hear from you on the comments below.
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