Tuesday, May 28

No more College!!

Me a Mechanical Engineer........:):):)

Hey all,

         Missed you all and my blog a lot....Sorry about that as I was held up with project, exams and usual boring stuff!! As you can make it out from my post......Yes NO MORE COLLEGE!!!! But the best part is all that is over now and I an very very glad as no more college and yeah one of my dreams come true .... I am a Mechanical Engineer now, (Adity Iyer B.E lol :P)...

(Guess I am being so kiddish...but I don't mind as this is the happiest part which I have been waiting for long) :D:D Hope some of you girls could understand my feeeeelling...:)

Anyway I have more time now to keep my new blog with constant updates and interesting stuff. One thing I never missed doing while exams is .......yeah no doubt it is Shopping (online though)  and also reading my friends blogs, tweets etc etc..

So stay in touch with me through my blog as I am planning to update as much as possible to catch up with all these days..ooooo I almost forgot......Velvette Box for the May month subscription arrived and my next post is the sneak peak of what I got. I know probably I am the last blogger to share my Velvette box with you all but still 'better late that never' :p

See you gals..soon


  1. Lol Adi misswed you and I can understand your feelings dear...
    waiting for your posts :)

    1. So sweet of you Radha and Thank you!! Missed you too.. but not your blog as I check out often..:)

    2. Awww that's so sweet of you Honey Thank you <3


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