Friday, May 3

Summer Night Care Skin Routine

My Night Skin Care Routine - Summer

Hiiii all,

        Today's post is all about my skin care routine every night this summer. I have started using some new products that has greatly helped my oily acne prone skin during this scorching summer.

Lets begin...

1. Cleansing:

           I use my favorite  cleanser for oily skin from Cetaphil. It is the Cetaphil OS cleanser that has suited well for my skin.

Ooo I forgot.. any make up or eye product i used for evening out, i take them off by using Biotique pineapple cleanser/ makeup remover. It is effective and does not sting my eyes or cause breakouts on face.

2. Toning:

            Recently started using the Biotique Honey water Skin Lightening Freshner and my skin absolutely loves it. Does lighten, keeps pimples at bay, good moisturisation. This is my current toner and I am liking it.

I don't use a separate moisturiser at night as my skin is already oily and it is summer too. The Biotique ligtenimg fresh honey water takes care of the moisturisation. It is organic without any chemicals so i feel safe using it.

3. Eye cream/gel:

              Aroma magic under eye gel is what i use. It is gel based and dries quickly without sticky feeling. Suits my skin and again no harmful chemicals. To an extent the under eye circles are reduced but sure keeps skin from further darkening.

4. No marks cream:

               Being oily acne prone, if at all i have any breakouts or those that are about to purge then i use this herbal cream again as a spot treatment. I do not apply on full fave rather only on the spots and blemishes and it heals over night without aggravating or further breaking out.

Also on rare days I apply Pure Aloe Gel from Brihans if I happen to see any rash or sun burns.

5. Lip care:
                  Finally i use Vaseline for lip and it is the best so far. A little dab on the lips will make lips soft and supple next morning. Also Vaseline does help with "white heads". Yaaa you heard it right, I had a small whitehead on the cupids so applied on the whitehead too. Next day to my surprise it was gone completely. I have tried many times and every time it works great vanishing it. But only those that are ready to grow big so try for yourself and see if this tip works.

So how do you take care for your skin this summer? Which product do you use share with me on the comments below. 


  1. Congratulations :)
    You have a ward waiting for you :)

  2. I follow same skin care routine like you. And I can feel,this is the routine by which the skin looks very fresh.

    Alison Clarke
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    1. Hey Alison,
      Glad to know you stopped by.. :)


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