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Brihans Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel Review

Gone were the days when I used to have an aloe vera plant which I grew for a time pass..Seriously!! I never knew the goodness of it as my skin was clear then...only then.

Anyway when I was attacked with acne, everybody suggested me to use this and that but nothing worked. Even now I breakout but not so worse like before so I thought of trying aloe and I always use sandal on my face. Being so lazy and no time to grow the plant I found a cute pot with green gel; yes it is the Green Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel from Brihans.

What attracted me to buy...

The cute pot packaging
The name Pure Aloe Vera Skin gel
The words Acne, Skin allergies & Sunburns
Price of course


Aloe Vera 90% w/w
Colour: Brilliant Blue FCF, tartrazine

About the Aloe Gel:

The gel is of green color in the pot which is of plastic and colorless when out. For scooping some out, I have to dig my fingers in or use any spatula. The smell kind of herbal like with a shelf life of 3 years.

My experience

Acne and skin allergies were the main reasons that urged me to try this. I got the smaller pot of 60 g to try if my skin likes it. When I first tried to get some out, I could feel its cooling effect. Applied on skin it gets absorbed immediately and does not show up. I was skeptical to use it on my entire face as my skin is very prone to allergies and acne.

I had a dark patch on the side of my face for long and anything I used to diminish it did no good and it was visible also. So I left the gel overnight on it and all I wanted was the aloe gel not to do any further harm on my already damaged skin. I used it for a week continuously on the patch and left all nights after which the dark patch reduced to my surprise. Now it has almost vanished and skin got my original tone.

Long story short, I am happy with this Aloe gel as it cleared the dark patch without harming my skin. Any redness or irritation on skin, this gel soothes as well as cools the skin. I did not use all over my face but only on the affected skin and I am happy with it.

In short if you are lazy like me to get the original aloe plant gel then you can try out this Brihans aloe gel for allergies, rashes and sunburns and it does cure them.
I am not sure about Acne as I did not try on pimples may be it works or may not anyway it costs only Rs 40 so trying it out won’t hurt the pocket and if works then that’s a best deal.

SO have you used the aloe gel or planning to buy one? Leave on the comments below..

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  1. Usually before buying a particular skin care product, i read a lot of reviews to zero in on the best one. But I never read any reviews about this aloevera gel..just shop-hopped and picked it up coz all i had in mind that my pms is on and i had to tackle those unwanted eruptions on my face asap by applying aloevera. I just applied on and left overnight with fingers crossed. Next morning i was literally amazed to see the results. The eruptions had dried up and my skin felt satin love with it.


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