Monday, February 4

Sunday’s Eve Outfit

Good day girls..
I love Sundays as no college (:D)..... Moreover I enjoy going out on weekends. Here is the quick look on what I wore yesterday.

The outfit is nothing great but just a simple tank top with a cute teddy paired with denim. Denims are my most favorite and comfy clothing I opt the most 

So this is my completed look... Grey pants, blue tank and a black shrug..


A lil too much rite...?? (i get u...:D)

Dunno why I look confused...:)

I like my wallet and the tiny dangling thing on my hand... 

This is the first time I thought and tried posting these pics.... Share your views with me as I'm eager to hear from you gals....

Leave your comments below or mail me at the contact page above...M waiting ... 


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