Sunday, February 24

Review on Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Oil

Hi buddies,

Happyy Sunday gals!! Weekends always excite me as I’ll be ready to wander through the streets hitting the best deals and bargains. So here I am with a review of a product that put a smile on my face after the recent purchase of it. 

Yes.. It is the Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil

I believe Dove has launched their oils in three variants
One for dryness care, hair fall rescue and the one I bought; Nourished shine oil

Cost: Rs 185 for 90 ml

Dove Elixir claims:

"Elixir is a luxurious blend of precious oils by Dove. Infused with real ingredients, it nourishes hair from root to tip. This potent blend of oils has the power of overnight oiling in 30 minutes.
Nourished shine is enriched with Argan oil to retain moisture in each hair fiber every time you oil your hair. Blended with Hibiscus, it lends your hair a luminous and reflective shine shield. It absorbs instantly to help rejuvenate damaged hair caused by heat, styling & environmental damage."


The hair oil comes in a cute bottle packaging with a press nozzle for dispersing the oil. A pump or two is sufficient for my hair. The bottle has words “Precious Hair Oils with Real Ingredients” and true to the words there are few hibiscus petals at the bottom.

Texture and Fragrance:

Elixir nourished shine oil is of the right consistency which makes it easy to apply on hair. 
Fragrance smells great and sometimes I feel overpowering but the smell it leaves on my hair after applying is fresh and good. I personally like the fragrance of this oil and some may not.

Nourished Shine?

Yes I agree with the claim. It does leave my hair shiny and glossy as soon as I apply. I don’t use the oil on scalp or want to take risk with the chemicals in it but for the ends and tips; it is just fine. I use it every other day on the days when I don’t wash my hair. 

I don’t understand why to apply such good fragrance oil before washing and remove every trace of it by shampooing. Normal coconut oil (hate the smell, literally stinks for me) is better for that as I totally hate leaving such oils on my hair. 

So I have not used this Dove oil before shampooing hair and will not use it too. Also the quantity is less and costs a bit high for me.


  • Pump nozzle so no spilling
  • Tidy and neat packaging 
  • Fragrance 
  • True to its Nourished shine claim


  • Bottle... anytime can break
  • Quantity less for the price
  • Availability issues

So have you used the new Dove Elixir Oil and what do you think? Lemme know below....



  1. great review Adity..
    never heard abt Oil from dove...

    1. Hey Rajani... Hw a ya?Its been so lng...
      Yes the oil is great I loved it try n c...:)

  2. Nice review Adity :)


Thank you for taking your time as it means so much to me. Love you and will reply soon..:)