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Maybelline Lip Polish & L'Oreal Lip Shine Caresse Review and Swatch

Review on Lip Polish & Lip Caresse - Impressions on Two Most Hyped Lippies

Hello beauties,

           How could I resist myself from getting these when there is so much raves going around the Maybelline Lip Polish and L’Oreal Paris Lip Shine Caresse? Like always I was running short of bucks while my wish list was always loaded yet I don’t know how I managed to get my hands on these.
Anyhow I was at mall (in fact went just to see the lippies :D) and at the Maybelline counter was these stunning lip polishes waiting just for me to get tested :P. I tried up all the shades and some were too good.  It was a tough decision to narrow down to 2 shades. Those were Glam 14 and Glam 13. Just then when I was about to bill turned around and there were the awesome Lip Shine Caresse at the L’Oreal. And then you would know what happened…

Bought the Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 13 (after battling between Glam 14 & Glam 13 Lip Polish) and L’Oreal Lip Caresse in Pretty Woman (Bella and Pretty Woman was the combo)
Both the shades are neutral ones with peachy brown undertones that are wearable for work, the Maybelline Lip Polish being more on a peachy shade while the L’Oreal Lip Shine Caresse on brownish shade.

Maybelline Lip Polish:

  • Neutral wearable shade suiting all Indian skin tone
  • Glossy finish
  • Love the peachy nude shade with subtle shimmers
  • Can be worn alone or above lipstick
  • Decent Color Payoff
  • Stays for about 3 to 4 hours
  • Applicator
  • Packaging

  • Feels heavy or sticky on lips
  • Spreads uneven
  • Price
L’Oreal Shine Lip Caresse


  • Beautiful Neutral shade for daily wear
  • Applicator
  • So light like applying liquid on lips
  • Color darkens after a minute making application even
    Shade transforms from light peach to brown upon drying
  • Good color payoff
  • Does not settle on fine lines
  • Super stylish packaging


  • Sheer
  • Wear time 2 to 3 4 hours
  • Price


Lip Polish Glam 14 under day light

Maybelline lip Polish under flash

Lip Polish & Lip Caresse without flash

Top - Maybelline lip Polish , Below - L'Oreal Lip Shine Caresse

Top - Glam 14, Middle - Pretty Woman Dried, Bottom - Single swatch yet to dry

My Final Thoughts:

In short these two lippies; Maybelline Lip Polish & L’Oreal Lip Caresse Shine are worth getting one, however stocking up on the same with different shades is not so worth it. Maybe indulging in one shade that you love the most is sure to add a touch to the lips’ collection.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Adity Iyer 

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