Friday, March 8

Yayyy Got a New Tab!!

Hey budds,
               I am excited today as just yesterday noon my order got delivered. Yeah, you could make out from the title....yes I bought a new tab; Samsung Tab 2!

I have been eyeing it for a while now and got delayed due to other commitments but now with my good semester results, I decided to treat myself with this cute baby. J

I am in no mood to write something useful in my blog and all I want to do now is show you girls the tab.(definitely not bragging:)

I am bored of having white phones so my tab is Titanium Silver...

The screen guard it came with is still intact and I don't feel like removing it too :D:D

Here is my lock screen wallpaper..... :P:P

Bye for now... C you gals tomorrow with a new post.. Take Care!!

With love,


Thank you for taking your time as it means so much to me. Love you and will reply soon..:)