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Review on Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Review:

Hi all,
BB creams so popular these days, I got my hands on the new Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector too as it is just a curiosity to know  if a single cream can claim to do all that although I am very late to try it out..:)

Garnier Claims to give:
  •        Fairer
  •        Glowing
  •        Smooth
  •        Even Toned
  •        Moisturised skin

Read on to see if it really does.....

Specially formulated from the herbal extracts of Almond Extract and Vitamin C, the Garnier B-B Cream Miracle Skin Perfector keeps skin glowing and fairer. Enriched with Mineral Pigment, BB cream instantly beautifies skin. It spreads for a flawless finish, light weight and comfortable texture blends perfectly in to the skin letting skin breathe. It is an 8H moisturizing formula with Almond extract. Its SPF 24 filter helps protect skin from UV.

About BB cream:

I hope by now all of you know about BB creams with numerous ads up. Anyway I’ll also tell from my side :D ; BB cream is all in one cream combining multiple beauty routine steps in one.
Garnier tagged its new BB cream as the Miracle Skin Perfector..which I feel a little too much for a cream.

Price: 18 gm for Rs 99 and 40 gm for Rs 199.

My Opinion:

I have an oily acne prone skin and so very skeptical in trying out anything that is loaded with chemicals. Still I wanted to use it if it really gives me ‘the look’ I was looking for as the cost does not cause a major hole in my wallet.


Good and neat packaging. It is also travel friendly and the nozzle tube gives us control as to how much cream to squeeze out.


I personally like as it is not over powering.


Not too thick or runny is just of creamy texture that is not too difficult to blend. I use either brush or just my hand to blend it out.

Claims I felt true:
  •        Gives a fairer look but not instantly without any white cast
  •        Covers very minor imperfections (sheer coverage and that is enough for me)
  •        Evens tone (I dab some extra and use it as a concealer too under eyes)
  •        Easy application and to blend
  •        A little quantity enough to work whole face
  •        So far did not break me out

  • Moistirused: (no dry skins have to use a moisturiser underneath) I use a moisturiser too although my skin is oily and acts combination at times
  •        Glowing: Only once I apply after few hours (2-3) starts to shine
  •        Lightweight: I feel it is heavy on my skin

  •        Blending: The cream dries off soon so blending has to be works in sections

  •        Staying Power: For me it just stays for 3 to 4 hours with a dewy look if I use a compact above it.

  •        Only one shade: Although it gives light coverage, the shades option can be given

Before blending

After blending

In short:

I like the Garnier BB cream for the main reason it suited me and did not cause any break outs so far. You can give it a shot too with the 18 gm pack if you are unsure like me.

If you are looking for a cream that gives little coverage with a natural look without costing a lot then you can go for it.
And I may buy again as long as it behaves the same and do not give me pimples.   

So have you used Garnier BB Cream? Do you like or not? Share with me below...

With love,

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