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Lux Body Wash Review

My Favorite Body Wash

Hey girlies,

            How are you doing? The day is so boring and I got nothing much interesting to do and I am home also as the sun is all set to burn me up if I step out. Anyway I don’t want to talk much about it and let start with my review.

Just had a chill bath and the body wash I used put a smile on my face and that’s what I am going to write on today to share with you buddies.

Lux Peach & Cream is the one I use and which I am loving it very much..

SO why do I like the body wash??

What has Lux got to say?

Lux Peach & Cream – Enjoy the sensation of moisturized soft skin with Lux Peach & Cream body wash! Enriched with excluxive Silk Protein Extract and Peach Cream, it forms a light creamy layer that wraps your skin, helping to hold the moisture that it needs!

It also claims to give you a soft and smooth noticeably velvety skin with Silk Protein Extract.


Lux has offered their body washes in 4 variants I believe, they are the
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Scarlet Blossom
  • Magical Spell and
  • Peach & Cream

 I have tried 3 variants and Peach & Cream turns out to be my love.:)

Product Packaging:

The body wash comes in a neat, slender and a long plastic bottle with a flip cap.
Dispensing is easy and you have the control over the product that you require.
The packaging is cute with the print that attracts me. The smaller variant of 125 ml makes it very handy and travel friendly.

5 on 5 from me for the packaging!


I really can’t explain the fragrance but all I can say it is so yummy peach and cream... Fragrance is what made me stick on to this body wash and I am on my 6th or 7th bottle and still not bored of it. The smell is good and it is not too strong also.

4 on 5 for fragrance !


As Lux has named, Peach& Cream, the body wash is of a rich creamy texture that glides on
the body. The texture gives a rich lather and a little quantity covers much.


Rs 115 for 240 ml and Rs 60 for the 125 ml

What I like...
  • Smells good
  • Fragrance last a long
  • Lathers well
  • Gives moisturization to skin
  • Does not make my skin dry
  • Does not cause irritation or rashes
  • Very affordable for the quantity

What I don’t like?

Actually nothing at all..I totally love the body wash and will continue to purchase it. Hope Lux doesn't  discontinue it.

That’s all for today.. Hope you enjoyed reading!
Stay healthy & happy..

SO have you used this body wash? Any other brand you like? Then share on the comments below I will love to try..

With love,

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