Saturday, December 7

My Wishlist for Birthday

Birthday Wish List:

Hi girls,

    How are you people doing? It is a grudging day in my office and I’m pissed off lately. But I am kind of excited for this December month and shocking that this year is almost about to end. (6months over since I completed my Mechanical Engineering graduation :O and I still can’t believe it). Anyway next year January is my birthday and boy this time I have decided to celebrate for the first time real well (hopefully) because past 4 years 
all through my college the day really sucked.

Anyhow I have made up a wish list for the first time and thought of jotting it down on my blog too :P. The list is nothing great just some little things which I would like to have or do on my day J

A trip to Goa..
I am badly in need of a vacation as directly started with career after job. Maybe Goa would be a great place right to spend few days and bucks?

  • Beauty Lush List:
  • Colorbar Beauty Balm (BB Cream)
  • Rimmel Brow Pencil
  • Oriflame Studio Blush
  • Ecotools Brush

The Colorbar BB cream is little expensive and I have all the other BB creams to finish up before I splurge on it. Rimmel Brow pencil is always out of stock in online websites or the shade I want will not be available. The Oriflame Studio Blush will be the first liquid blush if I buy. As my skin is prone to acne am skeptical in getting them. Ecotools Brush set is the cutest brush shut I have come across and I can’t wait to grab the 4 little brushes and the pouch.  


Accessories Lust List:

  • Hello Kitty Mug
  • Lace up Wedge Booties
  • Ankle length Canvas Shoes
  • Cute cases for my Samsung Note 2 mobile
  • Denim Shorts

The lace up wedge boots is my current love and I am not able to find the comfy pairs yet which I will soon at least by Jan. The next lust is the ankle length canvas as I found nothing appealing yet. Denim shorts I have a few and want to stock up the right fitting ones. The Hello kitty mug is the cute little mug I came across at a local store which I would definitely buy to put my eco tools brush set in :P
How cute are the micky and minnie cases? Me and my Note 2 mobile are drooling at these.... 
That’s my simple yet childish or even stupid wish list for my soon to come birthday..
See ya all and Take care!

P.S - all the images were taken from Google image source except for the kitty mug

With love,
Adity Iyer

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