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Ebay: Risk or Safe Shopping?

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         I am finally happy today and the reason for it is you will know at the end of this post. J  So this post is all about my shopping experience with I have shopped quite a number of times with ebay and everything went on well like the delivery, the packaging, the product quality etc. (max. amount I paid online and bought with ebay was not more than 1000 Rs).

With quite a number of happy experiences with the online shopping sites, don’t really know what struck me; wanted to buy a mobile phone and while searching for the lowest price options I ended up with ebay. To be frank was really shocked seeing the price, the MRP of the Samsung mobile I wanted to buy is 28000 Rs but one of the sellers in ebay had listed just 20000 Rs that too no bids. I did send a query to seller (warranty, new piece, model no etc) and next day he had responded and everything seemed fine and I was convinced. Though literally shocked a mixed happy feeling I did hurry up with my debit card and about to pay.

Trice I did, after entering all the details the transaction was declined (though I should have realized by then) immediately I got a call from Ebay Customer Support as to asking what had stopped from paying. Long story short, somehow they Ebay CS made me fell into trap within 2 hours. (paid using Nationalised Bank debit card as no COD option is most of the times provided by the seller.) The seller had good rating as well as comments and that’s what made me decide to give it a shot.

Order Details:

  • September 9th I placed order, got a message and mail for confirmation.
  • The seller was to ship by 14th at the max. 14th morning mail and message came regarding the shipping. The courier was Blazeflash Courier Services with AWB no just 8 digits. (later knew that AWB no was wrong and fraud when I checked up with courier service).
  • After few days I tried checking the status of my shipment online, it came as invalid details.
  • I waited for few days as the deadline for the order to come by 20th September.
  • Never got by the deadline so called up Customer care and told the concern, and got a reply as to “we will check and call within 48 hours”. (Customer care is like all time busy. You have to wait nearly for 15 to 20 minutes to get connected to the agent.)
  • On 24th a mail came from Ebay stating that if you don’t confirm or initiate refund we will take it as confirmed.(in my words) Got shocked and followed all the procedures to initiate refund.
  • They gave deadline till 29th (7 days time), if seller does not respond for initiation of refund then Ebay would process.
  • On 29th evening the..seller had appealed against my initiation and got delayed again.
  • Since then, till 13th September I was on calls with CS waiting for hours, mailing, tweeting, chatting with Ebay agents to get resolved.
  • 3rd my claim was resolved in favour of me but still the refund was not approved.
  • After ages of battling, losing my patience, worrying and stressing out personally got a message on 14th from my bank as 20000 Rs is credited. Finallyyyyyy…Sigh

In short, my current experience with Ebay was horrible. Though my money was safe, it took a month to get credited accompanied with tensions and took my time off.
My personal advice would be that some of the sellers may be fraud and don’t get fooled by the good experience you had at the past. As far as possible put on COD even if you have to bear additional charges, either you get product and pay or have money safe with you. and never pay online.
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Adity Iyer


  1. I am still waiting for my money from Snapdeal :(

  2. Don't worry Rads, allow some 30 35 days time.. or after refund approved give some 15 working days max, you will get the money by then. How much ever late your money is safe only:)


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